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tv   On the phone with Sahil Kapur  CSPAN  October 14, 2017 2:16am-2:22am EDT

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the houses out next week for the district work period, and will return monday, october 23. for more on the senate agenda next week including the budget and tax reform, we spoke to a bloomberg news reporter. >> sahil kapur, the headline on your bloomberg piece says bob corker is the beginning of trump's tax-cut problems. what's the issue that donald trump has with senator corker and what are the key senators we will be watching for in the senate debate? sahil: thank you for having me on. senator corker has laid out a strong red line on the tax bill, in other words he said he will not vote for any tax package that adds a penny to the deficit. he is giving himself some room in terms of how to define that, but he is a key senator to watch. on the other end of the spectrum, you have senator rand paul, the kentucky libertarian who has said he wants a tax cut
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across-the-board for everybody. that will be difficult to reconcile with a deficit neutral tax passage that corker wants. some other senators to watch are susan colins and lisa murkowski, independent-minded republican women who were significant in torpedoing the obamacare repeal and replace push. another is roy moore, not yet senator but front runner to win the special election for the senate seat in december. he is a bit of a wildcard. he has laid out a pretty far-reaching platform, calling for eliminating income tax on the federal level and replacing it with a sales and consumption tax, so he can be a wildcard. he has basically about to go to war with senator mcconnell if he is elected. candidate royan moore, what is the gop
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leadership doing to win over these ideological challenges? the budget is coming up under reconciliation. they only need 50 votes. there is no chance of a filibuster. what are you hearing from republican leadership? sahil: we expect the budget to hit the senate floor next week probably after tuesday, when republicans will meet for lunch to discuss the strategy going forward. as many viewers will know, the budget resolution is essentially a nonbinding vehicle. it allows the debate to begin, so it is difficult to see republicans blocking this on the front end. it is not a politically tenable opposition. week, -- by the end of the week we should be looking at passage. part of it depends on how much democrats try to delay with amendments to put republicans in a box. i think the votes on the amendments put on the floor will reveal the fault lines and give
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us a sense of where some of the senators who will be on the bubble are going to come down on these issues. sahil kapur is a national political reporter for bloomberg news. you can read his reporting on and also on twitter. thanks so much for the update. sahil: thank you for having me. tv, liveeekend on book coverage of the 2017 southern festival of books in nashville. starting saturday at 11:00 a.m. eastern with a biographer. finalist, book award and a talk radio show host and author. sunday, our live coverage continues at 1:00 p.m. eastern with a best-selling , a national book award
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